The Little A'le'Inn near Area 51 - Rachel, Nevada

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Here you can view our Top Secret Tours playlist, which includes three of our promotional tour videos. We are working on bringing you more video content, and we plan to post some videos from our Top Secret UFO Tours soon. You will find more videos on our YouTube Channel. For questions, concerns, comments or feedback, please contact us.

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Enjoy this exclusive 5-Day UFO Tour to New Mexico with top researcher, Stanton T. Friedman! Our Southwest UFO Discovery Tour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover secrets of the atomic age and search for UFOs in Los Alamos, Trinity Site (where the world's first nuclear bomb was exploded) and Roswell...
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We are planning an exciting new tour that will follow the footsteps of the Mayans at key spiritual, historical and cultural sites in Mexico. This will be a very unique tour, because we will include significant UFO historical locations and current UFO hotspots. As with all of our other Top Secret Tours, this one will include expert guest speakers and more.

On November 5, 1975, Travis Walton was taken by a UFO in the mountans of northeastern Arizona. Five days later, after the largest manhunt in Arizona history, he was returned. Walton's experience is among the best documented alien abduction cases ever recorded, and we are planning a tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the event.

Our very popular Roswell UFO Tours with local UFO Researcher, Dennis Balthaser. Discover the 1947 UFO crash, retrieval, and cover-up at the actual locations where the events occurred in Roswell, New Mexico! See the old aircraft hangar where the alien craft and bodies were hidden after the UFO was recovered...
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What do you believe? Ultra-secret Black Projects? Man-made or Extraterrestrial UFOs? Secret Government testing of advanced technology, or little green men? Top Secret Tours presents the ultimate Area 51 Tour - an educational and exciting experience with the world's leading Area 51 experts...
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The Kingman UFO Tour offers you the unique opportunity to tour Kingman, Arizona with local UFO Researcher, Author and Filmmaker, Harry Drew. Get the real story on the Kingman UFO Crash, and learn the fascinating truth about multiple UFO incidents that occurred near Kingman Arizona back in May 1953...
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