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Alpventures® Top Secret Tours offer you a safe and fun travel experience discovering famous UFO hotspots, paranormal sites, top secret military bases and other fascinating locations in the company of the world's leading experts. Enjoy hand-picked, superior hotels, comfortable bus transportation and fascinating presentations by your Tour Director and Guest Speakers. Have an unforgettable and educational journey on Alpventures® Top Secret Tours - we guarantee you'll have an amazing experience!

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Enjoy this exclusive 5-Day UFO Tour to New Mexico with top researcher, Stanton T. Friedman! Our Southwest UFO Discovery Tour is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover secrets of the atomic age and search for UFOs in Los Alamos, Trinity Site (where the world's first nuclear bomb was exploded) and Roswell...
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Our very popular Roswell UFO Tours with local UFO Researcher, Dennis Balthaser. Discover the 1947 UFO crash, retrieval, and cover-up at the actual locations where the events occurred in Roswell, New Mexico! See the old aircraft hangar where the alien craft and bodies were hidden after the UFO was recovered...
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What do you believe? Ultra-secret Black Projects? Man-made or Extraterrestrial UFOs? Secret Government testing of advanced technology, or little green men? Top Secret Tours presents the ultimate Area 51 Tour - an educational and exciting experience with the world's leading Area 51 experts...
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Check out our selection of original Top Secret Tours, and travel to UFO hotspots with the world's leading experts! Including our popular UFO Tours in Roswell, Kingman, Area 51 and more.

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Why Top Secret Tours?
Alpventures® Top Secret Tours are thoroughly planned, well-organized, and backed by over 15 years of impeccable research and local guiding experience. Our Tour Guides and Guest Speakers are among the world's leading researchers in UFOs, Extraterrestrial Life, Advanced Technology, Aviation History and more. At each site we present accurate historical accounts, interesting facts and authentic witness testimonies to enrich your overall tour experience. Our Tours are totally unique and original - we bring you to the most fascinating places on earth!

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