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14 Days: Germany / Czech Republic / Poland - Holocaust Memorial Tour
Southern Germany
9 Days: Bavaria, Germany - Secrets of the Third Reich Tour
Northern Germany
10 Days: Northern Germany - Ruins of the Third Reich Tour

Join our Holocaust Memorial Tour
to Germany, Czech Republic and Poland

Educational Tours to Holocaust Memorial Sites in Europe.
Join Alpventures® World War II Tours and visit Holocaust sites and Jewish Heritage sites in Europe with an experienced, professional Guide. Listen to the complete story of the various phases of the Holocaust, and visit the locations where the atrocities were planned and carried out. Beginning with the Nazis rise to power in Munich, we cover the background leading up to and including 1918 - 1933, and we focus on the use of propaganda, architecture and art at the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. We also spend time in Lidice, Theresienstadt and Prague, where we focus on the assassination of Reinhard Heydrich, and we continue with Auschwitz, Krakow and Warsaw, Poland. We complete our Tour with visits to the sites of the Wannsee Conference and Hitler's Capital of the Third Reich, Berlin.

Alpventures® Holocaust Memorial Tour

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