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Walking Dead Tour Photos
Walking Dead Tour Photos
Walking Dead Tour Photos
Seeing is Believing . . .
Check out how much fun our participants are having on Tour! All photos are property of Alpventures® Walk the Dead or Atlanta Movie Tours® and should not be used without our permission.

On Tour in Atlanta with Michael

Nelson St. Bridge from Episode 1

Charlie and Tony on Bridge

"Terminus" station in Atlanta

Charlie with Group in Atlanta

Visiting the intact Atlanta "CDC"

Tony and T-Dog on Bridge

Atlanta Movie Tours ticket office

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Senoia Filming Locations Map

Filming Locations Map
Senoia, Georgia

A personal guide to all filming locations in Senoia, Georgia. Map includes 32 The Walking Dead filming locations in town on 2 color maps with descriptions of the scene filmed there. Also includes 9 additional Senoia movie locations!
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